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Upland Bird Hunt

Brett Goldschmidt set up a hunt with 25 MOSC members. He spent the night before smoking some great pulled pork to share before our afternoon hunt. Hunters spread out around five fields in search of pheasant, chukar and quail. You can see the video of the hunt on the right. Lots of rises and good shooting in this action-packed video. Click ‘Join The Club’ to become a member and you can be part of the great outdoor action too!


  • 496 words2.5 min read

    Gun manufacturer Taurus made a splash in the market with its widely popular pistol named “The Judge”.

  • 315 words1.6 min read

    Hands down one of the most infamous flies in the Missouri Sportsman’s Club fly box is the crackleback.

  • 608 words3 min read

    If I was sentenced to death, my last meal would consist of a bottle of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild and a USDA Prime bone-in filet mignon.