Last month we talked about the Crackleback and its versatility. Another most wanted in the
MSC fly box is Pats Rubber Legs. This fly is a simple “buggy” pattern which is deadly on
Missouri waterways.

Pat Bennet, a guide on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, enhanced the already existing
stonefly nymph. I was first introduced to this fly by a friend in Steamboat Springs, CO. He
suggested we use something that was “buggy” and we could dead drift under an indictor with a
Barr’s Emerger trailer about 2 inches. It was a deadly combination and the second cask of the
morning produced a gorgeous brown showcased in our trophy section of the MSC web site.

Simple doesn’t mean ineffective! This fly is tied with chenille body; the color can vary
depending on location and season. Usually we see these in black, brown, greens, and yellows or
a combination of both. Super Floss legs give the fly finesse under water, adding life to the fly.

Fishing the pats rubber legs is easy. You can fish it under an indicator as a nymph or trail it in
back of minnow while fishing from a boat or canoe.