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We will meet at Saint Louis Skeet & Trap on March 30th, 2024 at 9:00 am. The cost will be approximately $25/man for the 50 targets (we are only going to shoot half of the course).  We will be teamed up in groups of 4-5.  You will need to bring 50 shotgun shells, shooting gear, vest, glasses, etc.  I will have 2 shotguns if anyone needs to borrow a gun (20 and 12 gauge).  IMPORTANT: If you do NOT have experience shooting you will need to be teamed up with a group leader who has their hunter safety designation and participate in a safety lesson before stepping out on the course and using a gun.  For those who are not familiar with sporting clays; think of it as we are playing 9 holes of golf and you will be in a foursome.


  1. Only Load the gun in the box
  2. Only load 2 shells
  3. ALWAYS treat the gun like it is loaded
  4. NEVER point the barrel in the direction of people
  5. ALWAYS eject shells in the box NOT outside


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